Prasoon Joshi, Creative writer, Ad Guru,

Mumbai, India

These people talk to you in such a simple and reassuring way that half your discomfort and half your insecurities about your teeth die down.

Mahesh Bhatt, Film Guru

Mumbai, India

This is such a happening place…this could be in San Francisco. It is very heartening…., I feel very nice that this kind of technology, this kind of expertise is available to me in my backyard.

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Sina Martino


World class service in every way. We were both highly impressed with Dr Pradhan, all his staff, clean premises at Juhu, techniques and equipment available, communication, efficiency, friendliness, care...the list goes on. Delighted with results so far and would recommend this service to anyone from Australia or elsewhere, needing implants or any other dental treatment. Nothing seems impossible. Incredibly affordable too. Couldn't be happier with our choice especially after conducting thorough research over a number of countries. Thank you! Desi & Andreas, Sydney, Australia

Veena Pachchigar


Excellent treatment and outstanding outcome.. Extremely dedicated team of doctors and supportive and friendly staff.. Very satisfied by the service

Niels Koervers

New Zealand

Dr Pradhan and his team make you feel at ease and deliver amazing work. It can be a bit of a gamble to pick a dentist when you do not live in the area or live in New Zealand, like I do. The equipment they use is the best you can get, it is clean and nothing is a problem.
I am happy with my two new crowns. I was told I needed an implant by an NZ dentist, but a reroot was doing the trick nicely, saved me money and is a lot easier to do.
If you plan on going to India for your treatment I can only recommend to go and visit the clinic and if you wonder where to stay, I would stay in either Bandra or Juhu area, close to the beach, lots of shops and restaurants and away from the main city centre.


Shaun Hartas

New York City, USA

I got many treatments done at Pradhan Dental Centre......fillings, root canal, veneers.....my experience was amazing. Yes!!! i will recommend many people. Thank You! Best Dentist Yet!

Jamnadas Gurnani


Dear Dr Sahib Mr Pradhan
It was nice to be with you. You did BEST JOB & WORK. Appreciating by heart.

Renu Tandon


Excellent, all the doctors and support staff were understanding, cooperative and exceptional in providing service and shared concerns as though they were their own. Without any reservation I will recommend to all people to see Dr. Pradhan and his excellent team. Excellent keep it up! All the best.

Josh Bishop

United Kingdom

Wonderful (even for a root canal) No pain and I have low tolerance of pain. Would absolutely recomment this clinic.

Dhuri Bhalla

Kolkata, India

Excellent. I think Dr. Pradhan is one of the best dental doctor in India, may be the world. My dental implants were totally painless. Even after the treatment there was no pain. I would definitely recommend this clinic. If it is possible, one should come to the clinic. Dr. Suchetan Pradhan, you rock. The staff is excellent and very friendly.

Batchen Hayun


Great experience, very modern clinic, very clean, very nice and friendly staff. The doctor was very gentle and the procedure was unpainful and pleasant. At the beginning I was afraid to do teeth treatment in Mumbai, but when I came to Pradhan, it was even better than in Israel.

Anil Bhalla

Kolkata, India

I think by far the best experience for dental treatment. Dr. Pradhan has an excellent team of doctors. (Dr. Monica Gupta, Dr. Prachi and Dr. Amrita) I think a painless experience. Everybody including the front desk were very friendly.

Harjit Khanduja

Mumbai, India

Supberb! All of you are so good at your job, it is amazing. Your enviournment is so stress busting. I have already recommended to three friends.

Nina Singh

Texas, USA

I had a huge phobia associated with past dental experiences. This phobia is now non-existant since coming to Pradhan Dental Centre. Doctor Monica is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and more important very gentle. I actually look forward to my visits.

I have recommended to multiple family and friends in addition to numerous social media forums.

The staff is very good and efficient. I will be making an annual trip to India for my Dental treatment.

Shaheena B Ola

Mumbai, India

My expeirence was good and yes I would recommend this clinic.

Barno Pulatova


The service is great, wish you continue the same and grow bigger

Shobha Parekh


Comfortable – Serine environment

Gayatri Suri


Maruti is the star of the place!! Know him since my first session here..!!  (Maruti is our Senior Dental assistant, been with PDC since 25 years.)

Devna Pani


Always a pleasure visiting Pradhan Dental Centre!!

Yuvantika Singh


Excellent doctors, staff and equipment.

Samir Saxena


Appreciate the concern given by Dr. Anisha on a Sunday with regards to the condition of Mrs. F. Saxena.

Brian Spraker, Senior VP, Reliance


Very happy with care given and courtesy of all persons at the clinic.



The doctor is very knowledgeable and spends time with the patient. The front staff is also very cooperative.

Dr. N H Banka, Hepato – Gastroenterologist


Dear Suchetan,

Allow me to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent and expert care. You have been extremely courteous and exhibit great ethical values.

You have a personality to be always remembered, although, I fail to find appropriate descriptive words, immediately.

I thank your Father immensely for introducing me to your expert care.



I have always felt very comfortable over here. All my queries are promptly answered. I have been made to feel very comfortable at all appointments (when on the chair). Everyone’s very friendly, professional and nice. Thank you all!!

Sameer Bagai, Pilot, Air India


It’s like home to me, so nothing more to say.

Jyoti Pendse, Property Transfer Examiner


First of all let me thank you and your staff for the excellent service and the treatment I received in your clinic. All of your staff was very helpful. I will always recommend your clinic to anyone who wants the dental implants. I have made one of best decision about coming to your clinic for the dental implants. I want to thank Dr. Mayuri also. Also, special thanks go to Dr. (Mrs.) Shanlini Pradhan for being very thoughtful and sending me the home cooked meal and the juices. Now I am back in U.S.A. and trying to get settled in my routine work. My husband and my daughters are also very happy to know that I am very pleased with your clinic. They send special thanks to you too. If I can be of any help, please let me know. I am looking forward to visiting Mumbai and your clinic in few months.

Neeta Rawal


I am totally at home!! Very comfortable – excellent

Kinnari Jay Mehta


Good Job Dr. Madhavi. You saved my tooth, you were very patient. Thank you once again.

Mirabelle, Rudy & Sivana


Dear Dr. Shalini & Dr. Suchetan

I am usually good with words, but this experience has left me feeling vocabulary challenged. How does one convey the being-ness I feel beyond mind and emotions at having parted ways with the most gruesomely painful experience of my life?

I have God / Energy / Universe to thank immensely for its grace and guidance, for meditation that brought direction and a renewed sense of purpose every step of the way. We have you to thank for your courage, patience, expertise and most importantly open mindedness, willingness to learn and humility in your treatment of Sivana’ s tongue tie.

It is no coincidence that after visiting numerous doctors, we were led to your doors. What a combination – a pediatric dentist and a laser dentist, a mother and father, an international connection, Dr. Larry’s experience with infant frenectomies and your experience and adeptness with laser and Dr. Shalini’s creativity using the Indian bath position. The perfection beyond the illusion of the imperfection of a tongue tie. Wow! How many mothers of babies will be helped because of this The waves of healing and joy this experience has the capacity to re-create. Thank you for the blessing of being you.

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Ron Sequeira

Panama ​

Dear Dr. Pradhan :

When I first visited you, I didn't know you, I had no referrals and I had no idea of what I was in for. But I knew that I badly needed implants because I was a smoker for over 40 years and suffered from periodontal disease for years, which led to a loss of several teeth and bone mass.

I expected the entire process to be overly arduous and painful, but I was so wrong. You and your entire team not only put me at ease, you also inspired confidence and made the treatment pretty much painless. Your bright, spotless, superbly-equipped clinic in Bandra was a joy to visit. Over a short two month period, you extracted several teeth and put in six implants into the upper jaw and four implants into the lower jaw. I understand that you used a new "Immediate Load" Protocol developed by you, which meant that I didn't have to be "toothless" for even a day. That, in itself, was heartening and it only added to my level of comfort. The healing and osseointegration in both jaws was flawless and quick. I vividly remember taking a flight out of Mumbai literally a day after you put in the final crowns in the lower jaw.

All I can say is thank you for giving me a new smile, a new confidence and a solid set of new "teeth" which look quite natural and have performed extremely well over the past two years. I have been complimented extensively on the look and I can now eat whatever I want. I am truly grateful.


South Africa

Dear Pradhan Team,

Firstly: I want to thank all of you for making me feel welcome, cared for (smiles, cups of tea, keeping the appointments…….and much more), and helping me to nearly overcome my fear of dentists! I am very happy I discovered you with the help of my friend Anjuli.

Ahmet SELVİ Hospitadent Dental Group Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Chairman of the Board


I would like to thank you for your warm reception and kind hospitality.  You are also  more than welcome when you come to Turkey.

Ms. Jackie Kaur


I have been in Dubai, I met a German visiting doctor regarding implants but he said it is not possible to do it because the bone is very narrow. I was without teeth for a very long time until I met one friend who knew Dr. Pradhan in Mumbai. On my visit to Mumbai I met Dr. Pradhan for the first time and he said that he can do bone implants for me. On that day I came to know about the bone implants. I was very happy and thank God for the same. I had an excellent experience with Dr. Pradhan. Every trip of mine I had no problems, no pain and no complications at all. I have faith in the doctor. His hand is very smooth. I recommended my husband to do implant instead of a bridge. He cost of the dental treatment is 30% cheaper than Dubai including the airfare. I brought all my family members to him because he is very good.

Guzin Boynak

United Kingdom

I found Dr Pradhan in Mumbai whilst on a working trip to Mumbai a couple of months ago. I had excruciating toothache, and was given Dr Pradhan’s phone number by the doctor of the hotel I was staying in at the time. During my visit to Dr Pradhan, in which he had to extract a very damaged tooth, he confirmed what my dentist in the UK had advised, which was that I had to have major dentistry done to my teeth, in order not to lose anymore! I found Dr Pradhan very helpful, totally professional, and approachable, and he very gently put me at ease about my fear of dentists! His clinic is clean and totally professional, and his staff are very friendly and approachable.

Janet Botcherby- Cowan

United Kingdom

I have had 19 caps replaced on my lower and upper teeth, following a recommendation from Dr. Pradhan, as I had ground down my teeth over a number of years. Before getting the work done, I went back to the UK and checked out the recommendation with my own dentist who agreed that it was the best course of action. The work was carried out to my convenience and with high regard for comfort and the cosmetic appearance. I have been delighted with the results.In general, I have found them highly professional, flexible and extremely cost effective as compared to the UK. The centre operates to very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and has inspired me with huge confidence to go ahead with dental work here in India myself and even recommend it to others.

Nick Wilson, Agency Development Director, TATA AIG

United Kingdom

I am writing to express my delight with the work you carried out on my smile!
While creating 12 new teeth for me, your advice, service and manner has been professional both technically and in skill and you have made what I dreaded into a speedy and pleasurable experience…and, at a very reasonable cost. Your whole approach has made both my wife and I feel welcomed and valued.

Timothy J Begley


Dentists in Australia offered me no long term solution and I was becoming increasingly embarrassed of how my teeth looked especially when smiling. In six visits, not only am I reaching the final stages of my treatment, but have received a standard of dental care not equal to, but better than any I’ve experienced in my home country, at an affordable price. All procedures have been pain free and in addition, I’ve been able to schedule all appointments at ‘work friendly’ times.

Maren Wilmott-Borberg, Principal, IB Co-ordinator, Ecole Mondial

United Kingdom

I have a lot of trust in the dentist and I’ve had good results and it’s a very pleasant atmosphere and you get excellent service all- round.

Sheena Shah

United Kingdom

I’ve been coming here for about 2 years…thoroughly enjoy my visit here. All the staff’s very friend and makes you feel at home…not the kind of things you associate with a dentist…and so it doesn’t feel like a bad experience at all.