Laser Dentistry

Dental Lasers makes painless dentistry a reality. It is a miracle tool when it comes to handling soft tissues and can also be selectively used technology for hard tissues.

No scalpel!! No infection! No pain! At Pradhan Dental CentreMumbai’s leading Laser Dentistry Clinic has been a pioneer in the use of laser dentistry in India. Pradhan Dental Centre with years of training and experience is spearheading the use of dental laser treatments to enhance patient comfort.

Pradhan Dental Centre along with the Indian Academy of Laser Dentistry conduct educational training courses for dentists in the use of dental lasers.

At Pradhan Dental Centre, we use the below Lasers –

  • Waterlase (Hard/Soft Tissues)​

  • Diode Laser (Soft Tissues)

Pre Operative

Post Operative