City Dentist give H'wood Actor a Perfect Smile

When LA dentist could not cure actor Michael O’Hagan’s gum infection, he turned to Dr. Suchetan Pradhan


Veteran Hollywood actor Michael O’Hagan has come all the way from Los Angeles (LA) to the city to undergo treatment for his gum infection. O’Hagan is so impressed with the city-based dentist Suchetan Pradhan that he is recommending several Hollywood personalities to the dentist.


Two years ago, O’Hagan developed a gum infection after a dental implant. “I couldn’t work for 10 days due to the gum infection. My dentist in LA couldn’t extract the infection,” said O’Hagan, who has worked with the likes of Kevin Spacey, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Meanwhile, while shooting for the film in the Shadow of cobra in Hyderabad, O’Hagan met Gulshan Grover, who recommended dentist Pradhan to him. O’Hagan consulted Pradhan and after a trip to Mumbai for 10 days, 11 implants and six months later, his pearlies were as good as new.


“At the globe theatre in London, where you perform for over a thousand people with no mikes, without your voice, you’re dead. Having a denture with your tongue constantly hitting the plastic just wouldn’t have worked.” O’Hagan has once come to Mumbai, this time, to have his teeth shaped in perfect alignment.


For Pradhan, the prospect of international customers is exciting.


“With the current financial crisis, cosmetic dentistry is unaffordable abroad. I use the same implant, called the Nobel implant that dentists use abroad, but at one sixth the cost overseas. Unfortunately, at such low fees foreign customers think we use a cheap implant.”

Said O’Hagan “I was at lunch with Pierce Brosnan and Michael Gambon (from Harry Potter) when they asked me who my dentist was. I told them he’s from Mumbai and when they said, ‘you mean in India?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, and mine are better than yours.”

Source – Mid Day, Oct 11, 2008, Mumbai, Page 3