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Dr. Suchetan Pradhan, Director od Pradhan Dental Care in Mumbai, is an internationally acclaimed implant and cosmetic dentist. He is also faculty for the Implant programme with Manipal Academy of Higher Education.


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Q1: I have no teeth and wear dentures. My dentist wants to place implants [tooth root substitutes] in my jaws surgically, but I am a little apprehensive about the procedure. Is there an alternative?


Yes, fortunately today we have minimally invasive techniques for placing implants [tooth root substitutes]. This is done with the help of CAD/CAM design. First, a CT scan is taken with the help of Nobel Guide Procera software. This software reproduces an exact 3D image of your jaws on a computer. We then place the implants on the virtual jaws in the exact position that one desires. With the help of this information, a stent is manufactured in Sweden. With the help of this stent we can accurately place the implants in your jaw without opening up the gums. The surgical part is very minor with no need for even sutures [stitches]. The implants then form a base for the teeth on the top.


Q2: Is the Nobel Guide procedure complicated and painful?


On the contrary, the 3D mapping makes the procedure simple and precise. There is minimal or almost no pain, swelling, very little bleeding and no stitches not to be given. These are all the advantages that come from the procedure being minimally invasive.


Q3: My dentist has recommended dental implants to replace my missing teeth but can I have the new teeth on the same day?


The biggest advantage of Nobel Guide comes from the fact that teeth can be placed on the implants on the same day! The teeth are predesigned and manufactured in Sweden. Even the back teeth are replaced all in one go. Therefore, you can walk out with that wow smile almost straight away.

Q4: Is it possible to do this in India?


This service is being successfully done in India for the past few years. In fact, in 2006 November, I performed a live surgery on television demonstrating the concept of Noble Guide and ‘teeth in an hour’.


Source –  Thursday, 3rd July, 2008, DNA Mumbai